Macau Racing

Macau (China) is well known for thrilling casinos and for its international racing events. Taipa Island (Macau) is where most horse racing occurs and the season runs from September or October until the next August. Horse races are often held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday.

Gambling in Macau can generally be divided into three different groups: greyhound racing, horse racing and casinos games. There are also a number of lotteries and sports betting within the area. However, the city does not currently license online gambling activities.

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Horse Racing in Macau

Apart from casino gambling, Macau is famous for the Macau Jockey Club. The Taipa Island race course spreads over a lavish 450,000 square metre area – including 18,000 seats for visitors. The renowned Macau Jockey Club was formally called the Macau Trotting Club, but in 1991 the club was acquired by the consortium owned by Stanley Ho. Today the Jockey Club is one of the largest and richest contributors to the Macau economy – employing around 1,400 employees and approximately 1,100 part-time workers.

The Macau Jockey Club

The Macau Jockey Club is one of the largest private organisations that provides enthusiasts with horse racing and betting entertainment. This activity generally takes place in the former Portuguese colony of the city of Macau (which is in the People’s Republic of China). Originally the Macau Trotting Club, harness horse race betting did not prove as popular as other sports betting. This lack of popularity lead to the formation, in 1989, of the thoroughbred racing club – the Macau Jockey Club.

The track located on Taipa Island has been converted from the original trotting track. The previous trotting track is today the inner sand track; while the new track is the outer turf. There are also stables at the club which are a home to more than 1,000 horses that race at different horse tracks. There are several horse races conducted by the Macau Jockey club and some of the popular ones include: the Macau Gold Cup during May; the Macau Derby held in April; the Macau Sprint Trophy during April; the Macau Star of The Sand Stakes held in June; the Director’s Cup; and, the Chairman’s Challenge Cup held in June.

Ways of Horse Race Betting

On-course betting in Macau includes more than 210 race betting on-course terminals. Almost all the terminals are capable of performing pay and sell functions. The punters are allowed to bet in either Macau Patakas or in Hong Kong dollars. The authorities can accept bets until the race has started and punters can place bets by the oral instruction or ticket.

Off-Course betting exists at about 80 horse race betting off-course terminals. Fourteen of these terminals can be found on Taipa Island.

The service offers over 600 telephone terminals, along with more than 38,000 Telebet accounts for horse race betting. In this form of betting, the winning payment receives payment via specific instructions or it can be transferred automatically to your bank account.

Of course, not all of us can make it to Macau to put down a wager on the horse races. Luckily online betting has solved that problem. Online betting sites offer punters the opportunity to place wagers on international wagers from the comfort of home. With the most generous odds on offer, it doesn’t matter if you’re hoping to bet on the Macau races or the Melbourne Cup, it makes the best sense to place your bets online.

Greyhound Racing

There is also greyhound racing in Macau. It is mostly conducted at Canidrome on the Avenida General Castelo Branco. These races are generally conducted on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and on the weekends. You can find around sixteen games held on racing evenings. There is a small admission fee for the public stand which can also be used for betting. Apart form this, players can bet when at the greyhound racing centre or through off-course betting centres located in Kam Pek casino, Jai-Alai Palace and at Hotel Lisboa.

Internet Betting started in September 2003. Here, customers can review Internet betting websites of the club to place bets. Fast Access Terminals (FAT), launched in 1997, also provides fast access to: betting; betting records; a calculation of betting units; withdrawal instructions; account enquiries; and, several other related information services like race odds and declaration. There are approximately 1,000 customers who use this service.

Nowadays, you can place your bets online. Whether it is the most obscure place in the world or a little known sport, chances are that you will be able to find an online bookie that is taking wagers on it. You can do all this from the comfort and convenience of your home or work office.